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Sheldon Richardson

I’m liking the signing of Sheldon Richardson. We could now have the most intimidating front four in the NFL. Maybe the best we’ve had in a long time.  The Minnesota Vikings have the best defense in the NFL and it just got stronger.

Trevor Siemian

I like the addition of Trevor Siemain.  We now have two fairly healthy quarterbacks on the roster.  I did like all three of our previous quarterbacks but each one had some minuses like knees and inconsistencies.  I’m not sure I’d pay all the money Cousins is getting but if we win the Super Bowl then…

Jerick McKinnon

Well we lost Jerick McKinnon to the 49ers.  He gave us some good years and should be a good back for the 49ers.  Meanwhile we still have Dalvin Cook and I am looking forward to what he can do on the field.  I’m hoping with Cook plus the additional of Cousins(who I didn’t think deserves the kind…

Offensive Guard

With free agency officially opening later today should we look at finding a good free agent offensive guard to give us depth in that position.  We have a team that is pretty complete and should compete for the conference title and the Super Bowl.  The Minnesota Vikings need to win the Super Bowl in the…

Kirk Cousins

Well it looks like we now have Kirk Cousins as our new quarterback for the future.  It seems strange how the we did not keep any of the three we had on the roster.  We’ll have to embrace this change and hope we didn’t overpay for him!

Free Agency Frenzy

Welcome to Free Agency Frenzy.  This is a great time of year as a Minnesota Vikings fan.  I’m definitely excited to hear what decision is made at the quarterback position.  Do we keep Keenum?  How about Bridgewater or Bradford?  I’d like to see us keep one of those guys but try and find a young…

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