Minnesota Viking Fan

Welcome to one of the best Minnesota Vikings Fan Website for fans worldwide.  Not too long after this picture was taken by my mother I became a fan of the Minnesota Vikings!  I’ve pretty much have devoted my life to the Minnesota Vikings and wanted to launch a Minnesota Viking Fan Website. Like other Minnesota Vikings fans around the world, I am still looking forward to when we are Super Bowl Champions!  Back in 1997 I purchased Vike.Com and started a Web Hosting & Design Company which I still run today under the VikeWesites.Com name.  I also invested in season tickets after the Vikings built their stadium and can now make them available to other fans who might want to see their favorite team play in person.  I go to some games but because I live in Massachusetts I don’t go to all of them.


The Chasses Viking Fans

I was able to make two tickets available to a friend who’s father is a life long Vikings’ fan.  They are both from the Boston area and enjoyed going out to Minneapolis to watch a game.


Kedutis and Son Vikings Fans

I also gave two tickets to a client of mine who is also from the Boston area – another life long Vikings’ fan who took his son to a Vikings’ game.  It was his son’s first live professional football game.  As part of moving his web hosting to VikeWebsites.Com, he received two free tickets to the Vikings vs Cardinals game in 2016.


Giving those tickets away gave me the idea for my “Move Your Web Hosting With Us” and get free Viking tickets campaign.  It’s like getting a nice discount on a better web hosting package while having a chance to watch your favorite team live!  Not to mention you’ll get a chance to experience U.S. Bank Stadium – the best stadium in professional football.

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