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2018 draft

NFL 2018 Draft

The 2018 NFL is right around the corner.  With the 30th pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select . . . ??   I’d like for us to select an offensive lineman to continue building a real strong front five for years to come.  We will have Minnesota Vikings tickets to all…

Guard and Tight End

In the upcoming draft I’d like us to draft offensive lineman like a guard.  I’d also like the Minnesota Vikings to consider drafting a Tight End who has a little more speed than we currently have.  Someone who is big enough and fast enough to be a real mismatch to any safety in the league.…

2018 Draft

With the 2018 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select??  This is my other favorite time of year because it’s like we are choosing new members to our family – Vikings Family.  Players who we will start cheering for and go to war with.  I’m hoping we trade up and get a potential franchise quarterback.