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Websites for Small Business

Vike.Com has been providing quality website design and hosting services since 1997. With many websites design since 1997, Vike.Com can tackle any of your website design needs. Our hosting and support services have been labeled second to none. We still host and support clients we've had since 1997

We can help industries like Building and Construction Industries, Manufacturing and Machine Shop Industries, Boat Dealers, Retail, Attorneys and Investigators, Foodservice Industry and many more.

If your small business does not have a well-designed web site, you are probably losing more customers than you realize. And if your small business has a web site that was designed by "a friend or family member" you may be doing more harm than good to the reputation of your company. Most nonprofessionals cannot provide the necessary search engine optimization needed to make your website effective.

A well-designed small business web site should:

  • Have Good Design
  • Easily Navigated
  • Optimized for all the Major Search Engines

At Vike.Com, we have designed over 500 small business web sites since 1997, and we would be happy to give you a free initial consultation about a web site for your business.